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We are currently accepting applications for Reserve Firefighter.  Thanks for your interest.

Job Posting 2019-2020 Reserve Firefighter






Employment Eligibility Lists


II.           POLICY

It is the policy of the MFD to follow the guidelines of the Recruitment and Selection policy in the establishment of Employment Eligibility Lists and to use such lists for the purpose of filling vacant position openings.

  2. Within five working days after completion of the examination process, including the review period, the names of those candidates who successfully pass the overall examination process shall be placed on an eligibility list. The eligibility list shall be posted with the candidates’ names in alphabetical order; no ranking shall be assigned to the eligibility list.
  3. An eligibility list for a given classification shall remain in effect for a period of up to twelve months from the date of certification of the list. In the event of a layoff, an employee who has been placed on layoff status shall be placed on the eligibility list for their designated classification. A new test shall be administered every twelve months or on an as needed basis.
  4. At the Fire Chief’s discretion, an eligibility list may be extended for a period of twelve months from the date of expiration.

Fulltime Firefighter Paramedic Test Results from 01/24/2018

These employees passed the process and are available for hire when the position becomes available.

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